mercoledì 23 settembre 2015

For an international support to Mohammad Ali Taheri

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Roma, Italia
23 set 2015 — Petition for Mohammad Ali Taheri:

In August 2015 Mohammad Ali Taheri, an Iranian citizen, was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court on a charge of Fesad fel Arz (corruption on earth).

Taheri is nothing other than the founder of an alternative medicine movement, based on spiritualism, widespread in Iran and abroad.

He committed no crime. He wants to heal; he does not want to harm anybody.

He is being punished for the mere fact of peacefully exercising the rights to freedom of religion, expression and association.

Under international law, the death penalty may only be used for “the most serious crimes” which has been interpreted to mean only crimes involving intentional killing.

Taheri has been on a hunger strike since August 13 to protest his sentence and prison conditions, including the impossibility to meet his lawyer.

It seems that a number of Taheri’s followers have been arrested and tortured, while others are on hunger strike expressing solidarity to him.

In the last two weeks, many international associations and the U.S. State Department have criticized the sentence.

The mobilization against his death sentence is growing around the world, and we intend to support it.

Let us support this battle together by signing and sharing this petition.